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Our comprehensive beauty services have you covered from head to toe! Explore our offerings on the menu below and let us know if something catches your eye. When you're ready to step inside our salon and spa, call or email us to set up an appointment!

We are now introducing our NEW Fresh Strawberry & Milk Facial! Fresh strawberries will help brighten tone skin, lighten pigmentation marks, and leave the skin feeling fresh and exfoliated. The milk works to moisturize the skin and helps soothe dry winter skin. We will customize this facial for any skin type to leave you with fresh, rejuvenated skin. Give yourself a treat and try it out today!

Naturelle Salon & Spa is now introducing our NEW Cucumber Carrot Facial! This seasonal facial is perfect for removing the damage caused by the hot summer sun. It will leave your skin feeling cool, refreshed, and rejuvenated!

Cucumber Carrot Facial to remove the damage caused by the hot summer sun,  makes skin  feeling cool, refreshed, and rejuvenated



Eyebrows                                 11 9

Lip                                            5

Chin                                 7 5

Cheeks                              12

Full face                         22+



Eyebrows                                11 9

Lip                                           5

Back                                        20

Underarms                         11 9

Arms (half)                        15

Arms (full)                          25

Legs (half)                       30

Legs (full)                        45




Bleach                                              9

De-tan                                             9

Skin-brightening facial            49

Fruit facial                                     49

Vitamin C facial                         49

Acne treatment facial            49

Anti-aging treatment             49

Dry skin treatment                 49

Oily skin treatment                49

Seasonal facials                        49 

Sensitive skin facial           49

Fresh fruit facial                 49

Customized facial              49

Murad facial                         49

Oxygen facial                      49

*Many more facials available! Contact the front desk for more info.




Haircut and style                     with consultation

Hair fall treatment                    25+

Dandruff treatment                 25

Gloss treatment                        25

Color touch-up                  32+

Single process                    39+

Perm                                     50+

Henna treatment             with consultation




Polish change                         8

Basic manicure                      16 

French manicure                   19

Spa manicure                       22

Basic pedicure                     25

Spa pedicure                        32

Deluxe pedicure                35

Basic mani and pedi         35


Special Occasions 


Hairstyling / updos

Henna designs

Special occasion makeup
(weddings, prom, showers, etc.)
* Special packages available
* Prices with consultation

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